Helga Johanna Oddsdottir

Managing Director - Iceland

As an experienced Senior HR and Operations Manager for the over 15 years, Helga has held various high-level manager positions. Since 2012 she has focused on leadership development and executive coaching. In 2015 she became Managing Director of Strategic Leadership ehf. in Iceland.

Helga has been an active trainer and coach since 2012. Before that she delivered training and leadership development as part of her position as a Senior HR Manager. Helga is passionate about the change in vision and action that coaching can bring. She loves to see executives and their teams reaching their full potential. She has had over 150, one-on-one clients in the past few years. These include mainly executives and C-level managers in various industries in Iceland, Germany and Switzerland.

Helga has much experience in assisting companies with HR strategy and positioning HR as a strategic partner in the core business. Through her work as consultant and coach she also has developed expertise in leading change and the role of the leader in change. Her focus is on employee involvement and how change can be implemented without invoking unnecessary resistance from employees involved in the process.

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