All the workshops aim to increase organisational efficiency through greater strategic understanding, alignment and action.

Some clients chose one or two of our strategic workshops to boost the strategic acumen of their management team and create momentum; others directly launch a full scale strategy or change project.

Examples of strategic workshops are:

Successfully Executing Business Strategy

Includes a review of the current strategy and how well aligned it is throughout the organisation. Managers work together to create strategic maps, design strategy driving initiatives and plan strategic projects. Special emphasis is on how to involve all relevant stakeholders in the strategy execution process.

Strategic Sales Leadership

Developing a sales strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy of the company and planning its implementation.

Aligning Important Processes

Charting, understanding and optimising the speed and efficiency of internal processes.

Optimising Organisational Structure

Understanding how organisational structure can support or hinder the execution of strategy and change leadership.

Customised workshops boost strategic acumen and support the successful implementation of strategy.