Why we do what we do

The Strategic Leadership mission is to develop more conscious strategic leaders.

We believe that when leaders are more conscious of themselves and how they impact the people around them as well as their environment, they will create more sustainable strategies of benefit to both. In this way, as we help leaders change the way they lead, we believe we are making a contribution towards a better world.

We believe strategy without consciousness is about profit maximisation (regardless of tangible and intangible costs). Consciousness without strategy is just good intention. The Strategic Leadership Group is passionate about developing authentic and purpose-driven, strategic leaders. We connect consciousness with strong strategic acumen, putting people at the heart of strategy in business.

We bridge the gap between strategy consultants and training providers

Success Stories


HR Strategic Positioning Event – Bristol, UK
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Future Inn, Bristol
HR Strategic Positioning Event – Bristol, UK Ensure HR contributes to the bottom line. Take away your strategic plan… Too often Human Resources is an afterthought in the strategic planning process. Many of our HR delegates...
Innri áttaviti meðvitaðra leiðtoga – Grímsnesi
4:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Hótel Grímsborgum í Grímsnesi.


Former Facebook HR Exec
Strategy In An Uncertain World
Dysfunctional Teams