Bestselling Book by Thor Olafsson - Beyond Ego

Once walked, the path of the Inner Compass leaves everyone transformed

Leaders today understand that too much ego can be destructive, but many lack the knowledge or awareness to identify ego patterns and move beyond them. In this book, Thor Olafsson offers an experiential path towards the reader’s own inner compass. This tool can literally transform the way they manage and lead people.

The author helps the reader solve the conflict that exists between subconscious ego-driven defence mechanisms and the inner self’s higher purpose. Starting with self-awareness, the Inner Compass path then continuously expands to impact both teams and entire organisations.

Our Purpose

At the Strategic Leadership Group, our purpose is to place consciousness at the heart of strategy.

We believe that when leaders are more conscious of themselves and their impact on the world around them, they transform themselves and their teams. Together they then co-create effective and sustainable strategies.

As we help leaders consciously transform the way they lead, we contribute to a better world.

We bridge the gap between strategy consultants and training providers


Our hand picked team of over 40 executive coaches and consultants have the single aim of developing conscious, strategic leaders. We have core offices in Germany, Iceland and the United Kingdom – but we work all over the world.

What sets Strategic Leadership apart? Our clients tell us that the work we do, DIRECTLY DRIVES the execution of their strategy. This increases business performance and strengthens their competitive advantage.

Our team partners with leaders from multiple industries worldwide to drive business results



Aligning leadership development with strategic goals

Over many years, we have perfected a highly effective approach that blends selected methods to create powerfully integrated programmes. We use a mix of leadership development methodologies, from strategy and change programmes to leadership training, team workshops, psychometric assessments, executive coaching and keynote speeches to get excellent results.

Strategic Leadership’s bespoke approach to helping clients is based on the proprietary concept of ‘The Leadership Cube’, created by Thor Olafsson. This approach ensures we deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients.