The Leadership Cube

Various studies have shown that the most valuable skill among executives is strategic acumen, or in other words, the ability to continually think and act in a strategically effective manner. If this executive is also a strong leader of people, the potential is virtually limitless. We are passionate about developing authentic and purpose-driven, strategic leaders. Here is how we approach the subject:

At Strategic Leadership our solutions, anchored in the concept of The Leadership Cube, empowers leaders to attain unparalleled levels of self-awareness, strategic acumen, and authentic leadership. The core of our methodology lies in The Inner Compass, intricately woven into the foundation of The Leadership Cube.

It is through the act of balancing the skills represented in the six sides of The Cube that leaders become increasingly conscious of their own impact, and strongly enhancing their strategic acumen at the same time.

‘We need conscious leaders to really drive sustainable strategies’ – Thor Olafsson

Mastering the 6 perspectives of strategic leadership is key for today’s leaders

Cube Sides Explained


Our journey starts by delving deep into self-discovery, helping leaders gain a deeper understanding of who they are at their essence and their influence on others. This side forms the bedrock foundation of The Leadership Cube.


Acknowledging that great leaders are nurtured by exceptional teams, we empower leaders to cultivate cohesive, aligned teams that seamlessly execute the organisational strategy, ensuring progress and impact on a larger scale.

Vision & Purpose

Fostering visionary leaders, we guide individuals to articulate and communicate their vision with an infectious zeal that galvanises their teams.


Strategy sits in front of the leader. We help leaders craft strategic blueprints, infusing traits like collaboration, communication, delegation, and trust, to propel organisations towards their envisioned future.

Structure & Processes

In the pursuit of efficiency, we collaborate on aligning organisational structures with strategic objectives, enabling seamless progress.

Key Performance Indicators

We help leaders define a small but effective dashboard of KPIs that transcend organisational silos and directly monitor strategy execution.

Leadership Academies

We offer many creative bespoke solutions for our clients to help develop more conscious leaders on a variety of leadership development topics. Leadership Academies are just one such solution:

We deliver the some of best value for our clients with our customised Leadership Academies which are based on the Leadership Cube philosophy. Each Academy is unique in the way it generates measurable results on individual, team and organisational levels. All of our academies do have one thing in common though, they create a significant impact on business results through a long-term integrated approach. It is the length and combination of our process that truly delivers results.

How a typical Leadership Academy is structured:


Return on investment

In order for leadership development programmes to deliver an acceptable return on investment, the content not only needs to be of the highest quality, but they need to be delivered by passionate professionals. In close cooperation with our clients, we create customised programmes and set standards with our integrated approach.

We implement extensive leadership programmes for organisations, for leadership teams and also for individual managers. These Leadership Academies are conducted over a period of 6-18 months, depending on the complexity of the project.

By combining methods such as training programmes with both team and individual coaching and profiling tools (e.g. 360° Feedback), we create tailored leadership programmes that generate both a measurable economical and a personal benefit for managers. We support leaders and their teams in developing their strategic thinking, their effective decision-making process and in acting more efficiently. Training programmes form an important part of Leadership Academies. They can be structured in three distinct levels that are built on each other: a leadership foundation, advanced leadership skills and strategic leadership skills.