Strategic Leadership proprietary offerings

Strategic Leadership's development approach centring around The Leadership Cube is both innovative and impactful.

The Inner Compass sits within the base foundation of the Cube. The Cube concept prioritises a balanced and comprehensive approach to cultivating leaders' skills. This approach offers a holistic and personalised path to leadership excellence, combining self-discovery, authentic leadership development, strategic acumen, and measurable business impact.

The emphasis on customisation, long-term integration, and transformative growth sets our solutions apart in the field of leadership and organisational development. Beyond Ego blends elements from the Cube and the Inner Compass with its mission to champion conscious leadership in the world.

Explore our proprietary models and products based on them below:


A Journey Towards Leadership Excellence

We have perfected our approach to leadership development for more than a decade and built it around the concept of “The Leadership Cube”.

It is through the act of balancing the skills represented in the six sides of The Cube that leaders become increasingly conscious of their own impact, and strongly enhancing their strategic acumen at the same time.

Whilst all of our bespoke solutions are based on the Leadership Cube, we deliver the best value for our clients with our customised Leadership Cube Academies. Each academy is unique in the way it generates measurable results on the individual, team and organisational level. All of our academies do have one thing in common ; They create a significant, measurable impact on business results through a long-term integrated approach. It is the length and combination of this process that truly delivers results.

‘We need conscious leaders to really drive sustainable strategies’ – Thor Olafsson


Self-Awareness & Conscious Leadership

The Inner Compass model leads participants on an experiential path towards self-discovery. By positioning this experience in the context of leadership, the journey along that path becomes one of personal as well as leadership development. This path leads to a solid platform on which to build truly authentic leadership.

The Inner Compass journey facilitates a profound exploration of personal beliefs and limitations. By shedding limiting beliefs, participants experience personal growth and are empowered to lead authentically. The process culminates in answering the fundamental question of why others should choose to follow them as leaders. It is no accident the Compass forms the foundation for the Leader in The Leadership Cube.

Iceland Leadership Retreat

Eirð – The Exclusive Leadership Retreat

Eirð (Pron: Aerth) is an old Icelandic word that stands for inner peace and tranquillity.

At Eirð we support (individual) managers and teams in developing a conscious approach to leadership, resulting in deep and lasting personal connections and sustainable business strategies.

Eirð is located on Iceland’s south coast offering modern meeting facilities, breakout areas, a cosy fireplace nook, a kitchen for group cooking and a private customised outdoor area.


Championing Conscious Leadership

We believe that when leaders operate beyond their ego, they are better leaders. Better for the people who follow them AND the world we live in. Ego-free leaders create purpose driven and highly functional teams, that operate beyond the fear that ego-based leadership creates. These teams feel psychologically safe to speak up and fully engage. Ego free leaders create organisations that are inspired by a meaningful vision, guided by higher values and collaborate on truly sustainable strategies.

In simple terms, we aim to help as many leaders around the world as possible, to identify and move beyond their very own ego patterns. We welcome you get involved. Start by discovering our resources on