An integrated approach to virtual communication excellence…

Why do you need it?

The world of work has dramatically changed for many of us and the shift to remote working has profoundly affected communication within organisations as well as across teams. While we are slowly getting more comfortable running online meetings and events very few people are finding this a natural skill or competency; often feeling self-conscious or unsure of how to make the best impact. Many of us have found the huge increase in time spent online has led to disengagement, fatigue and a difficulty sustaining attention on the topic.

Online corporate communication is all too often dominated by long slide decks and uninspiring, dull messages. This shouldn’t be surprising as the specific skills and knowledge needed to engage people online or create dynamic conversations are relatively new to us. When you then include the challenges of mastering new technology, the task becomes even harder!

How will it help you?

Corporate Energy Online is a programme that helps you creatively design communication specifically for online environments and to speak in a way that engages your audiences. This enables you to communicate important corporate messages in a more impactful manner than before. The exciting part is that by making the small changes shared in this programme, you will quickly and easily set yourself apart from others. Simply structuring your communication differently, adjusting your use of the technology and being creative in your approach, transforms your audience’s experience.


Corporate Energy Online is designed for professionals who find themselves communicating regularly in an online or virtual environment and need to ensure they have a positive impact on their teams, hold attention and easily motivate action. Typically, participants are middle managers, senior managers, subject matter experts or project leaders. As the programme is online, it is available to anyone who would like to join, anywhere in the world.


"Everyday I need to make myself heard – no matter which senior colleagues I need to convince. After this programme, I know how to create the right emotional impact to reach different audiences" - Legal Services, BMW Group

"My team and I closed one of our biggest contracts after we attended this programme together and as a result completely changed the way we do our sales pitches" - Senior Vice President, Banking Industry

"This programme strongly energised me! The programme helped me a lot to overcome my inner barriers and to significantly develop more impactful communications" - Manager, Roche Diagnostics


  •  Corporate Energy Book and welcome pack (sent in advance)
  • A two-day online, highly challenging programme with 2 professional coaches
  • 90 minute, 1-2-1 follow up coaching session
  • 2-hour follow up online session on 'Using interactive technology'


You will develop your own material, relevant to your workplace in the training sessions. The combination of rapid live presenting, direct feedback, refined practice and learning from others allows you to quickly develop your skill set in safe, positive environment.

What you can expect:

• Recording of the presentations you deliver
• Repeated video analysis to track your development throughout the programme that identifies areas for improvement
• Direct and challenging feedback from coaches with global delivery experience
• Individual personalised feedback and reviews in private breakout rooms
• A small group size to promote trust and maximum attention (8 – 10 participants)
• Individual telephone/virtual coaching sessions after the training where you are coached on real-life application of the learning
• An opportunity to broaden your professional network
• Increased self-confidence


Day 1: Clarity, credibility & structure

On the first day you will learn how to:

• Create an effective physical set-up for online communication
• Immediately gain your audience’s attention
• Build a strong connection to your audience in virtual environments
• Stay natural and relaxed when communicating
• Effectively use body language online to support your message
• Clearly communicate technical/complex ideas and content

Day 2: Emotions, engagement & inspiration

On the second day you will learn how to:

• Communicate energy and enthusiasm while presenting
• Create an emotional engagement with audiences
• Make dry information, such as numbers and data, interesting
• Design visuals and present powerfully alongside them
• Facilitate conversations in online environments
• Effectively use tools such as chat and whiteboard to create dynamic discussions


A 90-minute online coaching session where we can discuss how to adapt the content to your unique situation and role. Your coach will also review the recordings of your presentations with you to focus on the most important learning points from the 2-day programme.


There are a huge variety of online applications and platforms offering interesting and creative ways to involve audiences. This 2-hour session explores what technology is available, what the advantages/disadvantages of each are, and how to create more interactive communication. You will take away best practice suggestions on what technology is available to enhance your creativity! When these elements are blended into communication, we routinely hear participants say they can’t believe how quickly the time went.


This programme is written and delivered by renowned speaker Chris Atkinson, based on the philosophy and content of his book ‘Corporate Energy: How to Engage and Inspire Audiences’.


We do not have any open Corporate Energy Events planned so far this year. Please contact us for details on how we can run this for your team in house.