Charities We Support

In our company vision for 2022, we decided to support environmental protection agencies with pro-bono work. In the UK, the team has been working for WWF and in Germany, we started a partnership with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This non-profit, marine wildlife conversation organisation aims to end the destruction of marine habitat in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd sent their leadership team to our open 'Mastering High Impact Communications' (MHIC) training. This provided much support for them in learning how to spread their message – inspirationally. The chairman of Sea Shepherd Germany has also experienced MHIC in Frankfurt. After the training he said:

My appearance is now more professional and passionate. In the past, I used PowerPoint – now, I convince using my inner self!

In addition to this, some of our team raise money for their own worthy causes:


10 days of undiscovered terrain. Down dusty roads, along white beaches, over rugged mountain ranges and through the secluded wilderness – right through the heart of the former Eastern Bloc. From August 25th - September 4th 2018, Alex participated in The Balkan Express Adventure Rally. This rally went across 14 countries, covering 4,000 km: all without the help of GPS or navigation systems. Alex and his cousin won the rally and raised money for this great cancer charity in the process.

If you want to support, you can donate:


Here's a little more about our incredible charity partners and the work they do:
On the rally with his Mercedes classic to raise awareness for DIPG, a fatal childhood brain cancer
balkan-express rally