Since its acquisition by BMW Group, MINI has retained a strong independent sense of brand identity. MINI Plant Oxford wanted to create a strong leadership culture that built on the mix of heritage, was aligned to BMW Group, but was also uniquely their own. MINI Plant Oxford now faced several challenges.

See the case study to view these challenges in details and our collaborate approach to solving these and the fabulous results obtained.


About 500 managers within an organisation that is a global player in the Pharma/Diagnostics industry were the target audience. These Technical Product Managers (TPMs) are highly educated, qualified specialists, who have to juggle technical content and stakeholder relationships as well as leading project teams. Therefore, they face increasing non-technical responsibilities and challenges like financial pressure and shrinking R&D budgets. Because of the complex organisational matrix and the international nature of the environment in which they operate, TPMs need to constantly gain more skills to keep up with the pace of change. They need to improve worldwide collaboration and at the same time still ensure high service quality expectations – holding a technical qualification alone is not enough. Non-product-related soft skills increasingly need to be improved and enhanced for long-term business and career success.

As a result of this pressing need, Strategic Leadership designed an intense development programme known as the TPM Academy. See the case study to view our collaborate approach the results obtained.