Strategic Leadership Case Studies

Case Study: Training Effectiveness

What are some keys to enhancing training effectiveness? The fact is that there are certain ingredients that pretty much guarantee results and they are outlined in Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation.

Just recently we had the privilege of designing a leadership development programme for one of our clients that perfectly illustrates what it takes to make a training programme effective.

Our client – a manufacturing company in the automotive parts industry – was struggling with quality issues that were negatively impacting both the volume of products that meet quality standards per month as well as end customer satisfaction. Senior management at this company realised that these quality problems were not just causing short-term losses, but also potentially jeopardising the longer-term viability of the plant. Based on initial research they traced the root of the problem to poor leadership and decided to train all managers on leading their employees more effectively.

This is how we approached the situation together with the client:

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