The Strategic Leadership mission is to develop more conscious, strategic leaders.

We believe that when leaders are more conscious of themselves and how they impact the people and environment around them, they will create more sustainable strategies of benefit to both. In this way, as we help leaders change the way they lead, we believe we are making a contribution towards a better world.


Today, most leadership development efforts consist of loosely connected elements such as classroom-based seminars, executive coaching and personality profiling tools. Because of a lack of a clear development plan, these efforts rarely deliver a marked improvement in leadership culture, let alone a more strategic leadership culture.

The approach that Strategic Leadership has developed, strategically aligns and strongly integrates into the daily business of our clients.


Our team consists of more than 30 carefully selected coaches and trainers who have worked on 5 continents and in over 30 countries, with accomplished managers and leaders in multinational organisations.


We are proud to work with leaders from some of the world's most renowned companies. Strategic Leadership clients range all the way from small to medium sized companies to global organisations. We typically work in the automotive, financial services, banking and healthcare sectors.


"Aware, authentic and purpose driven leaders who are ambitious about developing top performing teams and are equally focused on key performance indicators, will inspire those around them towards excellence.”

 Thor Olafsson, Founder of Strategic Leadership