Change Leadership Training

In current times, dominated by COVID-19, Strategic Leadership are doubling efforts to be of value. We are offering an online series of customised Change Leadership Training for managers and management teams.

Change leadership has long been an important skill amongst managers, but it has never been as urgent a priority as it is right now. In these online workshops groups of managers can come together to align their approach to tackling the volume of change we are seeing during these times.
This workshop series aims to answer the real questions we hear managers asking us:

  • What will these unpredictable times bring in a month’s time?
  • How am I supposed to lead my people if I don’t know where to go?
  • My people are extremely worried about the future. How do I address that truthfully?
  • How open & honest can I be with my people?
  • How can we create a clear path forward?



  • Help to focus on urgent action, build a guiding coalition & design a unifying vision
  • Experienced consultants, all with a wealth of change leadership experience
  • A robust dialogue to help drive significant change in unprecedented times
  • Help to empower action, generate quick wins & anchor changes in your culture
  • Best practices in change leadership, adapted for the current crisis
  • Templates and guidelines for a ‘change plan’ that engages employees


In this package we propose three online workshops, each lasting two hours. In these sessions, two expert consultants will prepare managers to lead difficult change – all in a more conscious and systematic manner. Whilst these sessions are held online at the moment, they mirror real workshops, with exercises, group discussions and break out room tasks etc.

The approach we take is built around Strategic Leadership’s Inner Compass of Conscious Leaders and embraces the three steps of Awareness, Acceptance and Action. It is underpinned by John Kotter’s 8 Steps for Leading Change model, creating a well rounded approach.

In addition to the group sessions, this package includes manager guides to the following topics:

  • Awareness & acceptance exercises
  • Circles of control-influence-concern
  • Change communication
  • Adaptive goals for teams
  • Conscious & systematic change plan