A clear trend among our global clients is the focus on leadership development. On the one hand, they are looking to raise the overall leadership awareness of their management population, and on the other, they are looking to individually prepare various high-potentials for the next level of leadership. What they all strive towards is a more robust and sustainable leadership culture, as they see this as competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.

Although many different tools (training, psychometrics, reading-lists) do add value to a leadership development process, few are as effective as one-to-one executive coaching. This is because the growth of a leader is a very personal journey that to some extent needs to take place in a non-judgemental atmosphere of trust and confidence. In this type of environment a professional coach can mirror and challenge the coachee for increased awareness and responsibility. For your orientation we have included an overview of popular coaching themes among our clients.


All our coaches have served in leadership positions, have personally trained and coached business executives in various countries and follow a systemic approach to coaching. This approach includes the combination of transactional coaching (skill focused) and transformational coaching (mind-set focused). All our coaches place great emphasis on developing trust, openness and transparency.

Our team of coaches choose to follow a systemic approach to their work, while constantly varying and updating the techniques they use to dig deeper. Meet the team here.


The content of the coaching session is typically chosen by the coachee. The following topics are typically discussed: Leadership Development (most frequently for “high-potentials” aiming for the next organisational level), Sales Leadership (sales-performance focused coaching), Strategic Execution, Communication (becoming more effective communicator/presenter), Work-Life-Balance.

Accelerated leadership development, through coaching