Customised Business simulations

Our business simulations are entirely bespoke to your needs. We have created (and furnished!) a hospital to practice managing an unhappy customer, we have created an entirely new country and tasked participants to set up a business unit in that country! Our in-house design team use detailed customisation and inspired creativity to create a truly memorable experience for delegates.

Simulations are a valuable tool for training and development because they allow participants to experience real-world situations (and emotions) without the risk of making costly mistakes. What can you expect?

Real-world experience

Our simulations provide participants with a realistic experience of the challenges and decisions that they would face in the workplace.

Safe environment

A safe environment ensures participants can make mistakes without the risk of real consequences. This allows them to experiment, get curious and learn from their mistakes without fear of failure.

Pressure & consequence

We create a sense of pressure and consequence to help participants to manage their emotions and develop their decision-making skills. This is important, as many real decisions have to be made under pressure with consequences!

Practice new skills

Simulations can be great places to practice new skills such as negotiation, problem-solving and teamwork. We help participants to improve their skills and become more confident in their abilities, ready for real world application.

The best professional course I have been a part of to date! You made it such a safe space but stretched us and really pushed us out of our comfort zone. Who knew that could be so enjoyable! Sad that our time together is over but very thankful for everything That I learnt and experienced with the best group of people - Director | PwC Operate

Hospital Business Simulation
Country Business Simulation
Business Simulation

It was the combination of learning about yourself and the team, the toolbox AND the simulation. Being able to directly apply the learned things and especially getting direct feedback was very valuable. ​

In this simulation, we had a realistic case-study and even more importantly, feedback from a ‘customer’ perspective. ​I believe that this is as close as we can get to a real customer scenario – and this helps to better prepare for the worst cases - Participant | Pharmaceutical Client

Customised business simulations offer a dynamic and immersive training solution for companies looking to enhance their employees' strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Simulations are tailored specifically to the unique challenges and operational environment of each business, allowing participants to engage in realistic scenarios that mirror their actual work situations. Through interactive and competitive exercises, employees can experiment with business strategies, manage complex relationships and respond to market changes in a risk-free setting. This hands-on approach not only helps in solidifying theoretical knowledge but also fosters teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills, making it an invaluable tool for organizational development and learning.

If you are looking for a way to provide your employees with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a safe and controlled environment, then business simulations are a great and memorable option.