Developing leaders & communication

One of our specialities is designing leadership programmes that feel different to what has been done before. We ground our conversations in real-world situations and projects so that the content is in no way theoretical. This approach ensures not just business relevancy but also commercial impact. See below case studies that detail a selection of ways we have worked for our clients:

Manufacturing Company


Since starting in 2012, this programme has been a (re)developed over many years to ensure it stays relevant and challenging.
Back in 2011 the client had the vision to create a leadership programme for all EMEA leaders that specifically focused on two themes ‘engagement’ and ‘communication’. These topics were consistently shown through staff surveys as being difficult to improve across the organisation. ​

Although the request was that the content should have a strong theoretical grounding the client wanted content that was immediately applicable and was orientated to ‘tools’ that the leaders could use immediately in their day to day leadership role.​

The programme would target senior leaders, plant managers and leaders who report directly into board members. It therefore had to have both high credibility and high prestige.


We created a residential programme which ran in beautiful locations across Europe where participants could disconnect from work, network and re-energise while they learned.​

The programme itself covered 7 key engagement tools: Storytelling, Vision, Uncovering motivations, Giving recognition, Managing KPIs and targets, Coaching, Presentation skills, Handling questions.​

The methodology was based almost entirely around practice, we designed very brief context sessions then spend the majority of time practicing and using the tools over 3 days. ​

During one of the evenings, we invite a board member to join the group for a ‘fireside’ chat before dinner. These conversations have proven to be a highlight of the programme for many people. The opportunity to chat informally with a board member about leadership, culture and strategy

Ultra-Luxury sales & manufacturing


This client is the best known ultra luxury brand in the world, famous for the highly bespoke craftsmanship in their vehicles.​ They wanted a leadership programme that would match the bespoke nature of their business and the company philosophy of “strive for perfection”. ​

More importantly they wanted a programme that could unify leaders around a common leadership approach despite having very diverse functions from production roles to sales executives.​

The programme covers 220 leaders from all Board members, senior managers and middle managers.


The programme was designed to run over 6 months and includes a project specifically focused on opportunities for better cross functional working. The sessions alternate between in-person and online.​

Participants attend in cohorts that are both vertically diverse and functionally diverse.​

We also created a bespoke room to deliver the training in and built an entire brand identity around the programme to increase the visibility and prestige.​

The whole process is supported by specific workshops for the board on a quarterly basis and an online learning platform.