Focusing on strategy & commercial awareness

Many leaders do not like to acknowledge that the company strategy is either poorly articulated or poorly understood. In addition, many middle managers fail to fully appreciate the operating model that the business is counting on. When people connect strongly with the strategy, and when they really understand the mechanics of the business, engagement levels shoot up. Our approach is to encourage people to engage with the strategy by asking questions of senior leaders and by translating the strategy to their local level team. See below case studies that detail a selection of ways we have worked for our clients:



Our client launched a new business channel called execute managed services. This business channel provides outsourced operations solutions for their clients worldwide. In contrast to their traditional consultancy work, this part of the business is highly operationally focussed. Therefore, there was a need to develop the operational capabilities of the senior leaders.

The leaders did not all come from operational environments previously and historically had not had exposure to the best practices found in top manufacturing businesses.


We designed a 12-month programme which took participants out to visit different types of operational environments e.g. an Amazon warehouse, manufacturing plants and a front line homeless charity. Participants used these experiences to drive innovation and operational excellence activities back in their workplace for their team at headquarters. This solution was creatively supported by 6 different training days (including a 2-day business simulation exercise), 1:1 coaching and action learning sets.