Retaining & developing talent

The war for talent is real. The cost of losing a critical employee cannot be measured simply financially. We have designed talent development programmes for large populations of junior and middle managers as well as executive level - preparing leaders for a global role. See below case studies that detail a selection of ways we have worked for our clients:


The client wanted a talent development programme for leaders reporting into the c-suite members. The aim of the programme was to ‘prepare participants to lead a global organisation’. ​

The client had grown by acquisition and the company was still considered quite new. As such there was no consistent leadership approach across the organisation and many sub-cultures existed. ​

The Leadership Acceleration Programme was a put forward to develop and prepare candidates to take on the challenges of leading a highly complex global organisation. 12 candidates were selected from each region and they would be intensely developed and coached over 2 years.​

Strategic Leadership was selected because of our international experience and ability to have coaches living locally across the three regions (Americas, APAC and EMEA).


The programme we designed consisted of 5 elements that run in parallel over 2 years:​

01 Must Win Battle Projects (Individual and Group projects linked to the organisation’s strategic goals)​

02 Executive Coaching (Individual, 3-way with line manager and Group coaching)​

03 Psychometrics (360 degree assessment repeated 3 times and other assessments such as Hogan, Wave and Gallup Strengths)​

04 Training Sessions (Online and face-to-face sessions running regularly along with site visits and best practice observations)​

05 Special Events (Guest speakers, Q&A with executives, role shadowing of executives, recorded videos, audio interviews)