Supporting change initiatives

Organisations typically invest a lot of time and money in the process side of change. However, if the foundations for change that are not put in place first and people are not supported during the change journey. Our approach is to hold a direct and honest dialogue to ensure that people's true feelings can heard. See below case studies that detail a selection of ways we have worked for our clients:



Knowledge & Learning Solutions (KLS) plays a crucial role in implementing the global strategy for customer support for our client. Three projects in particular were identified as having a significant impact on success. All three were explicit parts of the strategy and key pillars of the KLS strategy. ​

These projects implemented an entirely new way of creating, managing, and multiplying knowledge for our global medical instrument client. They affected roles, responsibilities, self-concept, mindset, processes, technologies, and ways of working for about 7,500 employees. ​

The aim of the work was to underpin the transformation with a distinct strategy implementation concept, helping employees understand and accept the related change. As a result reducing fear of change, helping participants realise potential opportunities for themselves (‘what’s in it for me?’), and creating understanding (ideally buy-in) based on curiosity and trust.



Firstly we created ‘Change Agents’ these people came from all levels of the organisation but had one thing in common: they were role models for the desired attitude and behaviours. The change agents got additional deeper sessions ahead of the main project starting. They become more knowledgeable about supporting others through change and becoming facilitators themselves.​

Next, the programme then rolled out across the organisation over three sessions. These session supported participants to reflect on the change.​

1. Emotions of Change - To increase individual and team ability to emotionally navigate a change process or project​

2. Forces of Change - To be able to identify the practical and emotional forces at play during a change process or project​

3. Influencing Change - To be able to analyse and take accountability for what you can influence and control during a change process or project ​



Our automotive client refreshes its leadership development programmes for all senior leaders every 3-4 years. Over the last 10 years these programmes have followed current trends and best practices in leadership. In 2019 it became clear that a new style of leadership would be needed to guide the organisation into the future. Disruptive technologies and the global VUCA forces meant the traditional strengths of the leadership culture (stability, consistency, focus on quality and excellence) were on their own now sufficient.​

They wanted a programme that supported experienced leaders to adopt a growth mindset and embrace the principles of agile leadership. This programme would need to be delivered to the same standard in every market internationally both online and in face-to-face events.​

In addition to modern leadership theories the programme needed to target the concepts of ‘mindset’, ‘growth/fixed mindset’, and ‘self-directed learning’.



The programme was designed in partnership between our client's internal project team, Strategic Leadership and another training provider. All three teams worked in an open and collaborative spirit to share approaches, ideas and concepts. ​

The resulting programme includes:​

1. Deep dive on their Group strategy​

2.‘Visits’ (either physical or virtual) to benchmark organisations and leaders from both external organisations and from within their Group. These included speakers from Amazon, Xerox and ex-military leaders​.

3. 9 Self-Directed ‘Learning Packages’ were created for participants to choose from. Groups then run the learning by themselves (learning to learn) with the support and guidance of facilitators. The work package structure allowed the programme to be constantly updated over the three years, swapping older topics for newer ones.​