Conscious Coaching in Challenging Times

In current times, dominated by COVID-19, Strategic Leadership are doubling efforts to be of value. We are offering this remote customised coaching package for individual managers. Reduce stress and uncertainty and be the strongest version of yourself, with personal support from our highly experienced executive coaches.

Our coaches are ‘always there’ for their coachees, ensuring they feel genuinely cared for. They provide structured calls and a use blend of other tools, to support managers trying to navigate and manage the disruption caused by the pandemic.

The topics keeping managers awake at night are systematically addressed by our coaches, thereby helping to release some anxiety. Furthermore, managers receive help in leading a crisis situation, This for example includes; being aware of people’s emotional state, adjusting one’s leadership style (perhaps you may need to be more decisive than normal), leading remotely and how to provide clear leadership communication to worried team members.


  • Well structured, individual executive coaching sessions
  • Someone to help you see positive angles, maintain focus, and stay productive
  • An ‘on-call-coach’ – available for you to reach out to in between sessions
  • Our coaches are conscious, pragmatic and invested in your success
  • A partner that helps you achieve your performance related targets
  • A sounding board for your leadership communication towards your team



Our coaches address possible topics keeping your managers awake at night, in these unprecedented times. They help answer:

  • How do I respond to this mess in the short term? What do I tell my people?
  • How will I handle possible head-count reductions, reduced work hours and budget cuts?
  • How do I speak to them, in ways that they relate to, now that they are so fearful?
  • How will we make due with limited resources?
  • How will I keep motivation levels and productivity at high enough levels to perform?
  • How will we continue to perform and find our way to recovery?



A bespoke coaching programme is designed with each individual at the start, resulting in a coaching contract.
Although the manager being coached always decides the focus of each coaching discussion, we know from experience that in times of crisis, people like their coach to systematically guide them to see situations from various angles.

Here are examples of the questions managers often find valuable:

  • What am I aware of in my current state (mental, emotional, physical etc.?
  • What personality strengths of mine can I consciously deploy more?
  • What robs me of energy in these tough times and what gives me energy?
  • What does my team or employer need from me?
  • How do I feel about these needs and how can I respond to them?
  • What leadership style adjustments do I need to make?
  • What messages need to be communicated and how do I best communicate them?
  • What is the best possible scenario that could be reached?
  • Of course, sessions are always tailored around each person’s needs, so these are just examples.


In addition to the individual private coaching sessions, this package includes personality-profiling tests (psychometrics), supporting material e.g. links to helpful videos, podcasts, articles and even books that are relevant to the coachee’s situation. This helps managers to invest in themselves and grow as leaders through the crisis.

Most importantly, in these unpredictable times, the coach is ‘on call’ outside of the scheduled coaching sessions – at any time. These are challenging times and we realise that we need to make an extra effort to be of real help.


Participants in this session will have the opportunity to ask our highly skilled executive coach live questions as part of our interactive coaching clinic. It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this often misunderstood practice and hear more about how the coaching process adds value to business leaders, strategic thinkers and human beings from all walks of life.