Truly Resilient Teams Workshops


In current times, dominated by COVID-19, Strategic Leadership are doubling efforts to be of value. We are offering an online series of customised Truly Resilient Teams Workshops for management teams and their peers.

In addition to the systematic approach we take in our other Crisis Packages, individuals and teams must also learn how to take care of themselves and become more resilient. The mood and attitude of a leader has a disproportionate impact on others. We refer to this as Emotional Contagion – the leader’s feelings directly affect the feelings and therefore the performance of others. Vicki Culpin, a Professor of Organisational Behaviour, recently said “As a leader of people, if you are not performing at your best then THEY are not performing at their best.

In these workshops, we address the topics currently undermining your resilience. We will tackle increasing self awareness, how to react under pressure, how to manage the ego to prevent reactions in times of crisis.
We also facilitate a number of exercises that can be embedded into daily habits to recharge and energy levels and help people virtually support their team members in difficult times.


  • High quality, well structured, online group sessions
  • Experienced consultants, all with a wealth of personal resilience experience
  • Open discussions to allow greater insight and empathy in order to achieve better team collaboration and results
  • Proven exercises in raising self awareness, adapted for the current crisis
  • Our consultants are heavily involved and invested in your success
  • Help deepening the levels of honesty, promoting trust
  • Empower people to take excellent care of themselves, impacting those around them


In this package we bring colleagues together to focus on how emotional, mental and physical resilience can be enhanced with simple but effective methods. By holding this as an open discussion, participants will gain greater insight and appreciation into what their colleagues are experiencing. These are exactly the types of conversation that DON’T take place during a time of crisis where the focus is on action and activity. Discussions around “how are you?” and “what do you need?” are rarely raised or, when they are raised, rarely answered with the deep levels of honesty needed to have an impact.

The topics currently undermining your resilience might be:

  • Fear based behaviour causing low mood, short temper or inconsistent behaviours
  • Avoidance of important conversations due to discomfort
  • Confusion and non-productivity through over-thinking
  • Herd-mentality around ‘corona chat’ leading to time wasting
  • Fatigue caused by constant and high stress levels (conscious or sub-conscious)




This one hour one session gives a different perspective on the popular topic of resilience. Rather than focus solely on the issues around personal resilience such as well-being (sleep, rest, nutrition etc.) – we explore the topic from a leadership perspective. We discuss what leaders need to do in order to create and sustain, a truly resilient team. We will introduce you to some of the most challenging barriers to overcome when building a resilient team.