Crisis Support

Online Crisis Support Packages for Managers & Teams

In times dominated by COVID-19, we are doubling our efforts to be of value. We are doing this by offering a series of customised ‘Crisis management” packages for leaders and their teams through modern online learning platforms. Our existing customers receive bonus features and special prices.

Our core team of coaches and consultants has helped leaders in over 40 countries navigate topics like strategy execution, organisational re-structuring & change, process optimisation, market entries and product launches. Our team with over 20 years experience, have acquired specialist knowledge in the field of leadership. Through many exceptionally open and honest dialogues, we share with you how strong leaders handle crisis situations, lead change, build engagement, gain commitment and drive results. See our values.


Support for teams navigating the uncertainty and managing the disruption. Help to align your team, get transparency for yourself as a leader and develop concrete steps & work-streams how to deal with the crisis. This includes (re)defining relevant KPIs. All fully customised to your needs.

Conscious Coaching in Challenging Times

Expert 1:1 support for managers navigating disruptions and uncertainty to keep their chin up and stay thinking straight. A perfect investment for your leadership team to add stability during difficult (leadership) times. It comes with unlimited access to the coach between sessions.


Here, larger groups of managers can come together to sharpen and align their approach to change. The training covers the basic steps of dealing with change in a crisis. It is less customised, but more compact than Crisis Action Programme.


This is a group approach for addressing resilience. It's compact, two session format creates awareness about this important topic and helps to stabilise your team's emotions

The packages can be ordered individually or all together as a series. If taken as a whole, your team would benefit from refreshing change leadership skills and gaining concrete action steps to mitigate the crisis. In parallel you could take advantage of the support of a professional crisis coach to help your key team members deal with the situation. At the same time as this, you could raise awareness about the importance of resilience and learn key coping mechanisms, all for a broader number of employees through our Truly Resilient Team Workshops.

Contact an expert consultant to discuss what steps are right for you: