GE Healthcare Keynote

Talk Materials

We hope you enjoyed the keynote by Chris Atkinson. You can reach him via LinkedIn and he would be happy to continue the conversation or answer any questions! Please find below resources that support his keynote: Connect with Chris on LinkedIn


These are the slides that Chris used during his presentation:

Chris Atkinson GE Healthcare Keynote Slides


Below is the video that Chris showed, speaking about the ‘Decision-Making Sweet Spot’ and how to get out of the echo chamber:

HBR Find the Decision Making Sweet Spot Video


This book was written by our CEO and forms the basis of much of our work with leaders:

Beyond Ego: The Inner Compass of Conscious Leadership

Brené Brown is a wonderful speaker to further research and great writer on this topic:

Dare to Lead Book by Brené Brown

Chris has written a bestselling book on how to engage people – this is more about effective communication and presenting:

Corporate Energy: How to Engage and Inspire Audiences


Chris was interviewed about good leadership recently on this podcast, it supports many of his messages:

The Fundamentals Of Extra-Ordinary Leadership with Chris Atkinson


Dare to Lead Book Summary

Leadership Blindspots Book Summary

Global Business Ethics Book Summary