Keynote speeches

Keynote speeches can add significant value to work by providing inspiration, insights, and practical knowledge to individuals, teams and organisations.

At Strategic Leadership, our keynote speakers are Chris Atkinson and Thor Olafsson. Their bespoke talks often serve as a focal point during conferences, corporate events and seminars. Keynotes contribute in various ways such as by providing:

Motivation and Inspiration: Keynote speeches are designed to motivate and inspire audiences. They can instil a sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and determination among employees, which can lead to increased productivity and engagement in their work. Motivational speakers like Thor and Chris share personal stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success, offering valuable lessons on perseverance and resilience.

Educational Content: Our speakers share their knowledge and experiences in their respective fields of business, leadership and learning. This educational content can help employees acquire new skills, insights, strategies and best practices to apply in their work.

Strategic Thinking Insights: Keynote speeches stimulate strategic thinking and innovation. Our speakers can discuss industry trends, emerging technologies, or market dynamics, prompting attendees to think critically about the future and how to adapt their strategies accordingly. They can offer insights into the importance of strategy, precision, and teamwork in high-pressure situations, which can be applicable to various work scenarios.

Networking Opportunities: Attending these speeches provide opportunities for networking and building valuable connections within one's field. This can lead to collaborative projects, partnerships, or even career advancement.

Values and Vision Brought to Life: Keynote speeches can reinforce or bring an organisation's values and vision to life. When speakers align their messages with an organisation's mission, it helps to underline the company culture, boost morale, and foster a sense of unity and renewed direction among employees.

Increased Engagement: Engaging keynote speeches break the monotony of routine work and serve to re-energise employees. They create memorable experiences that employees may discuss and reflect on long after the event, leading to sustained engagement and enthusiasm for their tasks.

Perspective and Mindset Shifts: Speeches by Chris and Thor often challenge conventional thinking and encourage listeners to view issues and opportunities from different perspectives. This shift in mindset can be a catalyst to innovative problem-solving and a willingness to embrace change in the workplace.



As an executive coach, business leader and entrepreneur, Thor Olafsson can share insights on conscious leadership, strategy and leadership development subjects. His experiences in building and scaling businesses can provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and established organisations seeking growth strategies. Thor is also the bestselling author of Beyond Ego – The Inner Compass of Conscious Leaders and founder of Beyond Ego and loves to talk about how leaders can develop and grow.


Chris Atkinson's experience as an author, trainer and speaker can offer lessons in motivation, communication, adaptability, and resilience. His global experience working with leaders in high-pressure environments could resonate with professionals seeking to excel in challenging and dynamic work settings.

Keynote speeches, when delivered by skilled speakers like Thor Olafsson and Chris Atkinson, can add value to work by motivating, educating, and inspiring employees, fostering strategic thinking, and enhancing communication and networking opportunities. These speeches contribute to personal and professional development while aligning with an organisation's strategic goals. Contact us to see what we can design for you.