Crisis Action Programme

Support for teams navigating the uncertainty and managing the disruption

The volatility and uncertainty of the current commercial climate requires entire organisations to rethink their ways of working. As a result leadership teams now need support to bring clarity, structure and direction to their approach to this crisis.

We are offering this customised package for teams to be faster and more aligned in their actions. It is designed to support them to rapidly create and implement a strategic plan with focused actions.

There are significant risks if these steps are not taken, not just the commercial risks associated with poor performance but also the mental and emotional effect on employees. Many people feel a huge amount of uncertainty and look to their leadership teams to demonstrate a clear plan of action as well as a united commitment to that plan.


  • Understand short term challenges from all key stakeholder perspectives
  • Speak clearly to the concerns of insecure employees and suppliers
  • Motivate each other and increase your overall leadership resilience
  • Create a “Crisis Strategy” that engages employees in productive action
  • Achieve aligned productivity and solidarity among employees in tough times
  • Maintain focus and accountability to achieve the best possible results


The crisis phase curve (below) represents the journey that we will support you through. It acts as a symbol of the strategic change needed in response to a crisis. From the commercial perspective, it is informed by the global financial forecasts available at this time. Our package is specifically designed to guide teams through their actions and reactions to the events they are experiencing.

From a people engagement perspective, the curve reflects the emotional experience that employees will need to be supported through. This package starts from whichever point on the curve your team is currently at. As situations change and events happen, we may need to loop back and revisit earlier steps in order to update the approach based on any new developments.

By working in this flexible and agile way with our two expert coaches, we ensure the team adapts to the constantly changing environment.


The Crisis Action Programme can fit in any, or all, of the phases above, depending on where your organisation is.


It starts with an initial consultation followed by a series of facilitated online workshops. We use our extensive training, coaching and consulting experience to create a highly engaging online working environment in which these conversations can take place. It will not feel like a normal video conference!

In the initial consultation phase (0), we interview the manager in charge, followed by other team members. This is to map the perceived challenges based on the available data. Once the data has been gathered, we deliver a brief to the team on how we understand their situation.

The online workshops last 2-hours each and are co-facilitated by two expert leadership consultants. The benefit of this rapid cycle design, means that together we can mirror the ever changing environment, quickly reacting to feedback and adapting accordingly.

In between the sessions, the management team members are expected to run internal meetings and connect with individual stakeholders. It is essential we secure momentum behind the execution of this initiative. Our consultants will provide the guidelines and support needed by managers to conduct their ‘in between’ meetings, workshops and research.

After the 8 sessions, we review progress and decide what further action is needed to continue the journey to recovery.




Expert consultant on leadership communication. Author of Corporate Energy – How to Inspire and Engage Audiences.


Senior Management experience in manufacturing and an experienced coach, focused on commercial outcomes, pragmatic and positive.


Took over a family business in times of crisis at the age of 30 and sold it at a profit. Intense management experience.


Responsible for the transformation of a 1000 employee company, down to below 30 employees. Corporate experience as CFO and CEO.


Expert consultant in the areas of people, leadership & organisational change. Extensive corporate experience in leading change projects.


Strategic Leadership CEO, international coach & consultant, responsible for leading large change initiatives with corporate clients.


During this one hour live session, we will explore the approach leaders can take with their teams to take a confident stance in the face of significant change. We will share the key skills, mindset and planned activity needed from a leadership team operating in times of crisis. We will also introduce you to some of the most challenging aspects of operating in an ever-evolving and ambiguous environment.