Brett Gadja

Brett Milan Gajda

International Business Coach

Brett is an internationally active facilitator, speaker, writer and coach. He has successfully built businesses in Canada and in the USA. In addition to working with clients, he passionately hosts the self-development podcast; “Where there’s smoke”.

Brett has fifteen years of experience as a consultant, business coach, facilitator, and speaker. Prior to 2003, Brett was the SVP of Sales & Business Development for a Research Publishing firm in San Francisco. In that role for ten years, he recruited and coached a global sales team, and built long-term relationships with leading consultants and solution providers (including Accenture, IBM Global Business Services, SAP, and Microsoft).

Today, Brett combines his business and life experience, with a powerful understanding of human psychology and business philosophy, to help high-powered individuals and organisations to cultivate ‘landscapes’ in their lives and businesses. These landscapes align beliefs and values with vision; and incorporate mindset, skillset, and support into a process of creating happiness and high-performance results.

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